Monitoring changes in the built environment: tobacco retailers in Scotland

Introduction The built environment is constantly changing. Whether it be short-term changes - e.g. roadworks, or long-term, e.g. a new road. These changes can impact exposures (air pollutants from road traffic), behaviours (decision to drive to work) or health (risk of being in a traffic accident). It’s therefore important to monitor the changes to the built environment so that interventions can be developed to reduce risk to health either directly or indirectly (exposure/behaviour).

DISPLAY: Determining the impact of smoking point of sale legislation among youth (Display) study

The DISPLAY study has a multimodal before-and-after design using mixed methods to collect data in four purposively selected communities. This data was used to explore the location and density of tobacco retail outlets around the home, school and route to school in relation to smoking attitudes and behaviour.

Alcohol and Tobacco Environments in Scotland

This Rshiny web application allows you to map alcohol and tobacco outlet density and related harm for small neighbourhoods across Scotland.