How to quickly visualise massive spatio-temporal data

Background Are you collecting lots of geospatial data and need a way to quickly visualise what you’ve got? Read on! I had this problem; I was collecting a lot of information on my daily movements from Arc App: Location and Activity (more on the use of Arc for research later). Additionally, I wanted to quickly see what features of the urban environment (e.g. greenspaces) I was being ‘exposed’ to. The solution was Uber’s open source geospatial analysis tool: Kepler.

Mobility, Mood and Place Project (MMP)

We are exploring how physical, built and social environments evolve over time and how they impact on inequalities in health-related mobility as people move into older age. We used data from 1,091 people in their 70s, together with temporal, area-level measures of their current, recent and past environment.