Research Tips

Using Social Media to Engage Research End Users

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash Background Social media is becoming the dominant platform for getting information, for the general population by superseding television and newspapers and increasingly for academics, displacing peer-reviewed journal articles. Time is limited and short communications are easier to digest, especially when on a mobile. To summarise findings from a research project or engage in an academic/policy debate in very short social media snippets is an impressive skill and one that I am keen to learn.

Removing pages from a PDF

More of a note than a post but hopefully this can help someone else out having the same issue. I needed to remove a couple of pages from a PDF document today. This can be done easily on a mac using preview (i.e. backspace when the page thumbnail is highlighted) but I couldn’t find a way on the PC, using my default PDF reader- Acrobat Reader DC. It seems that most of the useful functionality requires the pro version.

First post

Welcome to my first post. As an avid R user, I was amazed at how quickly it was to setup a static website with the help from the R package: “blogdown”. I thought Yihui Xie gave a convincing argument for blogging from his personal experience (Appendix D in above website). In summary he provides three reasons in favour of blogging: To consolidate thoughts and create a clearer argument for topics that are important to you.